Dr. Oliver Redsch


Dear customers,

I would like to welcome you to our homepage. My name is Dr. Oliver Redsch and I am the founder of JAP Consulting. I am already looking forward to a good cooperation. We always want to have an open door to listen to your wishes, that is what we stand for. Overall, I spent 11 years in Japan in the past. My two children were born there in 2005 and 2006 in Okayama City. I came back to Germany at the end of 2007. In Japan I studied at three universities and taught German and English at many private schools as well as public schools. Also, in Berlin I worked as a German teacher at the international Japanese school in Berlin Wannsee for several years. I was especially impressed by how service providers interact with customers in Japan. You get the feeling that you are really taken seriously as a customer. Also, some things are faster compared to Germany. And the tone, the friendliness, certainly no comparison with Germany, where you often do not feel understood or cold rejected. You do not need to come from another country. But especially for people who do not really speak the German language, the attempt to enforce their concerns with providers in Germany can end in disaster and cost a lot of money. Often there is service only over the phone and you get annoyed with long waiting queues, only to realize then that you are in the wrong place or you do not understand anything by phone. Even letters you receive are often difficult to understand and are often mistakenly interpreted as unimportant. Often it comes to reminders or contracts were not terminated but you thought you had terminated it. Sometimes that can cost a lot of money. It is my concern, after my extensive experience in Japan, to help people from abroad living Germany to organize this chaos. I remember how I often had to fight for my visa in Japan or have to coordinate with the gas or electricity provider without understanding the system. Then it was nice to get help from a Japanese friend. How simpler it was, and how often could misunderstandings be avoided, which would otherwise have cost me many hundreds of euros more. I have a lot of experience in Japan in all areas to be able to say with great confidence, I want to be just that friend for you with my company JAP-Consulting. I want you to invest well with us to save your money in the end, even though you pay our service. My personal concern is, from my own experience abroad, that you can feel safe and secure here in Germany. Because it is so very different than in the country from which you come. I do not want you to take things hard to heart here. At the end or even during your stay I want you to say: Yes, it was right to come to Germany and it is good for me here. Also, through the help of JAP Consulting. For that I want to become your long-time partner. Just contact me first with your request and we will then suggest without obligation how we can help you. I am looking forward to your email or call.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Oliver Redsch

Weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm  jap.consultant@yahoo.de
At the weekend, please contact Dr. Oliver Redsch japcon@hotmail.co.jp
If you wish to contact me by phone, please send an SMS or email, then I will promptly call you back.